Viktor Kindsvater war 17 Jahre bei Gaiser, er wurde in den Ruhestand verabschiedet. Bild von links: Holger Krehl, Detlef Melzer, Ursula Spinner, Viktor Kindsvater, Andreas Jasiulek, Rolf Keller, Rudolf |über-uns/anfrage/ published and David Smith again found himself the firts external recruiter to be interviewed in the history of Edge Magazine. You can click through to the full report: Get Into Games 2010: David Smith, | unemployed may want to find a job within computer games. For a more detailed report see the Games Job Blog . On September 21st Edge Magazine’s feature Get into Games 2010 was published and David Smith |  Interactive Selection hire dedicated French recruiter for French games market. » Guillaume de Fondaumière of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream with David Smith In 2003, Guillaume de Fondaumière joined | missed. Whatever reason you could not make it to the European Women in Games Conference, London on 22 September 2011, here is the highlights video of the conference brought to you courtesy of James Hakesly | the relative lack of issues that result from cultural differences. I feel that Dylan Cuthbert, Founder and President of Q-Games, is a quintessential part of making it such a positive environment to work | YOURCAREERGROUP können wir viele neue Crewmitglieder für unsere Flussschiffe gewinnen – darum werden wir auch weiterhin unseren Anker auf den Jobmessen werfen!" - Johanna Lehner, HR Manager Recruiting, | nachdenken - GASTROJOBS-RHEINMAIN bietet Ihnen gute Argumente: Die Jobsuche ist völlig kostenlos. Per Klick auf den unten angegebenen Link oder den Menüpunkt „GASTRO-JOBS“ zeigt das Gastro Portal alle |

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